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Tin Can Alley opens for business

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.— Several customers gathered on San Pedro and Alameda for the grand opening of Tin Can Alley Saturday.

The creator, Roy Solomon, also worked on Green Jeans Farmery.

Tin Can Alley has 10 different businesses inside—all local.

Those businesses are Pho Kup, S-A BQ, Amore Pizza, Flip Flips Beach Grub, Cocoa Flora, Guava Tree, Nitro Fog Ice Cream, Michael Thomas Coffee Roaster, Squeezed Juice Bar and Santa Fe Brewing Co.


Tin Can Alley opens for business with rooftop patio in Albuquerque


Soloman said they could have opened sooner, but COVID-19 changed their plans. He said the only changes they’ve made to the facility are implementing more cleanings to keep customers safe.

“Now that we’re here, we’re just living in the new environment not thinking, ‘This is what we have to do, this is what we need to do’—just trying to make it part of the environment in itself,” he said.

He explained the building naturally follows the current health guidelines. There’s a 30-foot ceiling, roof top patios, large windows that offer drag air when opened, and restrooms with hands-free features.

Each business also has a back door in case people want to do a grab and go.

“It’s a new world right now, so now this building here is opening in the new world,” he said.

All of the businesses had customers waiting in line, except for one—Santa Fe Brewing Co. The brewery occupies nearly 50% of Tin Can Alley’s building.

Under the public health order, breweries and bars can’t serve customers indoors if more than 50% of last year’s revenue came from alcohol sales, but Santa Fe still found a way to make some cash on their grand opening.

“We’re selling packaged beer only. We can sell six-packs or new growlers and fill them up here. We’re not able to pour any draft beer until the governor says we’re able to,” said Joaquin Wells, an employee with the brewing company.

He hopes they can soon join the other businesses in serving customers. When they do, Wells said people can expect live music, sporting events watch parties, and games.

“For now, it’s going to be good for people to come in and try the food and support local businesses, hopefully soon have a beer with their lunch,” said Wells.


Courtesy of KOB. Reported by Casey Torres. Link to original article:

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