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Happy Camper‌ IPA - Santa Fe Brewing - New Mexico's Original Craft Brew
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Happy Camper‌ IPA
Santa Fe Beer

Happy Camper

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A hoppy tribute to the state we love.

Happy Camper is a hoppy, malty, perfectly balanced, world-class IPA made just for you. A beer that says, “I’m from New Mexico and I like good beer. Don’t touch my motorcycle.” First brewed in 2009. First canned in 2010. And first shotgunned about 5 seconds later. It’s a New Mexico original from New Mexico’s Original Craft Brewery. Drink it with pride.

India Pale Ale






Happy camping.

For camping outdoors ...

Or on a bar stool.

Pairs Well With

Spicy foods like green chile enchiladas or flavorful grilled meats. Firm cheeses like Manchego and Cheddar.
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